Other Services

We offer several optional programs and services including:

Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes year-round programs are specifically designed to enhance your child’s learning experience through movement.  At Amazing Athletes your child will learn the basic fundamentals and mechanics of 9 different sports while also building self-confidence, practicing teamwork, and improving their fine and gross-motor skills.

Our Amazing Athletes coaches come directly to Creative Habitat and are trained to work with every child at their own development level in non-competitive, learning-based environment.

Each class focuses on 2 different sports and incorporates activities proven to increase your child’s overall cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and more!

CLAP Arts! Dance/Tumbling

Dance/Tumbling safely introduces basic gymnastics balances, rolls, springs and landings and rotations while also developing a dance foundation.  Children improve motor skills, coordination, balance and flexibility in a playful atmosphere.  Beginning dance moves helps develop rhythm, spatial awareness and self-confidence.  Ribbon rings, scarves and other props add to the fun!  Classes are held weekly at Creative Habitat.

Summer Program

Academics are still taught during the summer but the focus is on play. Activities vary year to year but there are always field trips to Happy Hollow, the Discovery Museum, and other places of interest. We also schedule visitors like the fire department who introduce the children to a fire fighter wearing his gear and let them climb through the truck


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